Online Certified Nursing Assistant Study Materials

Obtaining certification is an essential component of becoming a certified nursing assistant. While this profession requires a set number of training hours, typically 75 hours of state-approved education, this is only the first hurdle aspiring CNAs must jump through. While it's no secret that studying for the certification examination is required, did you know you can receive some of the most effective training without ever leaving your home? Online study materials for the CNA examination offer interactive training modules and up-to-date information.

Online Practice Examinations

The importance of online CNA practice exams is paramount to the overall success of aspiring nursing assistants. Practice examinations offer a host of benefits, with the most important being a physical gauge of how well you're understanding necessary information. These examinations offer detailed results regarding your current strengths and weaknesses. Use these exams as a means of narrowing in on areas that require further study and areas where you're the strongest.

The best online CNA practice examinations are those released within the previous 24-months and sponsored by leading test taking publishers such as Pearson Vue and Learning Express. While free practice examinations are available, consider purchasing higher-quality exams to ensure the most current and accurate testing information.

State-Specific Online Guides
Although the standard knowledge requirements are universal throughout the United States, states may choose to amplify certain areas of CNA training during its examination. To ensure you've covered all bases, visit your state's professional licensing board or nursing board to review a copy of the Certified Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook.

Any profession that requires certification or licensure has a specific candidate handbook, which is filled with testing information and exam components. Eliminate any questions you may have regarding testing procedures and covered topics by reviewing this online manual. When used alongside current study guides and practice examinations, the candidate handbook ensures you're nothing but fully prepared come exam day.

There are also many information guides online that contain information regarding CNA training and certification. One of the most helpful sites I used during my training was CNA Certification Scoop.

Certified Nursing Assistant Forums

Sometimes the most effective test taking tips and techniques can be learned from your peers who've successfully passed the CNA examination. Search out forums designed to assist new and existing certified nursing assistants. If you have questions regarding specific elements of the forthcoming examination or experiences during the actual exam process, online forums will soon become your go-to source for real and accurate information.

It's important to note, like any other open-source forum, some information may be incorrect. Therefore, only visit forums sponsored by legitimate nursing organizations or advocacy groups. Speak with your instructor or school career counselor to obtain forum recommendations. If that fails, search social media for CNA-specific online groups.

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